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granular activated carbon filter


  • Specifically designed to provide better quality water, Pureflo GAC cartridge is of high quality standards with high level of performance
  • Superior Chlorine adsorption efficiency
  • Rigid structure complete with a 1um pre and post filter design
  • Remove colour, odour and turbidity from aqueous or organic liquids
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Granular Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges (GAC)

Granular Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges remove chlorine, colour, odour and turbidity caused by dissolved organics from aqueous and organic liquids to provide better quality filtration liquid. Granular activated carbon filter is manufactured of high quality standards with high level of performance both for industrial and domestic purposes. The easy to-change disposable cartridge contains 135g of premium grade granular activated carbon filter, which removes at least 91% of 2ppm chlorine feed for 2,500 litres with a controlled inflow of 6.8lpm and a filtration capacity of 1,400 litres of water. The cartridges are available ex-stock. Granular activated carbon filter remove unpleasant tastes and odours.

Filter Construction

Granular activated carbon filter GAC is constructed with packed granular activated carbon between 2 Polypropylene cores supported by Polypropylene Wound Fibres. The PP wound fibres acts as a pre and post filters for the granular activated carbon, to remove unwanted particles prior to contact with the carbon, while the post filter take care of unwanted carbon fines that my leach towards downstream process. The PP Fibres are wound with an interlocking weave (diagonally wound) to provide a 1 micron retention for the pre and post filters, while the packed granular activated carbon remove chlorine, colour, odour and turbidity from the liquid. The dual PP cores provide the GAC with a rigid structure, with a better holding strength. The double open end of the cartridge are enclosed by thermoplastic rubber base end-caps to provide the cartridge with a necessary seal in the Double Open End style filter housing.

A single granular activated carbon filter cartridge is designed for a flow rate of 6.8 lpm. Since prolonged contact time can increase the absorption efficiency, it may be desirable to maintain a flow rate lower than 6.8lpm per cartridge in some applications. The GAC cartridge life is normally limited by either the saturation of the absorptive capacity of the granular activated carbon or by plugging of the pre filter. If plugging of the GAC pre filter is causing premature cartridge replacement, consider installing a Pureflo String Wound Cartridge or SMB as per filter to the granular activated carbon filter. Cartridge life will vary in relation to the contaminant load in the liquid. Flow rate, temperature and pH level are also other influencing factors to the cartridge life.

Pureflo GAC filter are available in ‘one-piece’ construction in 4 sizes (9.875”, 19.875”, 29.875” & 39.875”). We supplied to suit most standard filter cartridge housings. The one-piece construction removes the problem of by-pass which occurs when stacking 250mm long elements into vessels using spacers for sealing between each one. It also dramatically reduces down time and labour costs and in many cases, reduces potential health risks through operators having to lean over vessels that may contain liquid/gases.

Product Specification

Filter Media


Post Filter

End Caps

Inner Diameter

Outer Diameter

Maximum Temperature

Pressure Rating


Water-Washed Activated Coconut Shell Carbon


Wounded Polypropylene

PVC Black


63mm / 2.5”


Pressure drop 0.1 bar at an inflow rate of 1.6 bar

Ordering Information

Eg: gac1-20 =
Granular Activated Carbon GAC, 1µm, 20”L

Product Code
Filter Grade
GAC Granular Activated Carbon 1 1µm
Catridges Lengths
9.875 9 ⅞”
10 10
19.875 19 ⅞”
20 20″
30 30″
40 40″


Pre-RO, Electroplating

Parts Washing, Water Treatment, Planting

Food & beverages
Soft Drinks, Beer & Spirits, Bottled Water, Juice, Canning Process

Post Mix machines, Restaurant counter top, Vending Machines

Kitchen Filters, Washing Machine Filters


Cartridges are individually shrink-wrapped in a polyethylene tube which is treated to minimize static build-up. The cartridges are then packed into cardboard cartons

9.875”, 30 cartridges per carton

All other lengths (19.875’’,29.875”, & 39.875”) comes in 15 cartridges per carton