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  • Superior particle removal efficiency
  • Wide range of removal ratings
  • FDA compliant materials
  • Advanced range of material compatibility
  • Superior capacity for extended cartridge life

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Pureflo String-Wound Filter Cartridges

String Wound Filter Cartridge are manufactured with precision winding of polypropylene or Cotton yarn wound onto polypropylene, 304 stainless steel or tinned steel cores. The cartridges can be used (in one combination of materials or another) in most areas where chemical compatibility is of concern. The construction of Pureflo String-Wound Filter Cartridges are manufactured with an interlocking weave (diagonally wound) which provides efficient and cost effective filter cartridges. The superior performance is a result of the advanced winding pattern combined with our rigidly controlled process of specifically manufactured polypropylene or cotton yarn to produce a quality cartridge with consistent filtration characteristics.

Pureflo wound depth cartridges offer a gradual pressure increase over cartridge life versus surface media that have an abrupt flow cut-off when loaded. The natural gradual porosity formation due to the larger particles are trapped at the surface of the cartridges and build up a pre-cake, whilst the smaller particles are trapped within the cartridges filter as they go down the ‘tortuous path’ created by the wound pattern which varies with each micron rating, provides the cartridge with a superior capacity thus resulting in an extended cartridge life against ordinary wound filter cartridges.

Pureflo filters are available in ‘one-piece’ construction in 1016 sizes between 250-1016mm and can be supplied to suit both 247mm (9 ¾”) and nominal 250mm (10”) imported cartridge housings. The one-piece construction removes the problem of by-pass which occurs when stacking 250mm long elements into vessels using spacers for sealing between each one. It also dramatically reduces down time and labour costs and in many cases, reduces potential health risk through operators having to lean over vessels that may contain liquid and gases.

Our Tin-steel & Stainless Spiral Core are manufactured in “one-piece” construction. The construction of the spiral core is stronger than the normal welded core as it is more durable and has higher capability to hold the yarn rigidly. The design of the spiral cores are also manufactured lighter compared to the welded types.

Cartridge Selection

We can substitute Pureflo cartridge for any existing cartridges which you may currently purchasing or use our in-house expertise to ensure proper design and compatibility for each application. Our wide variety of end fittings makes the Pureflo cartridges easily fitted into various type of filter housings.



Acid, Alkali, Electroplating, Organic Solvents, Cleaning Solutions


Parts Washing, Process Water, Water Treatment, Feed Water

Food & Beverages

Edible Oil, Cocoa Butter, Palm Oil Bi-Products, Syrups, Soft Drinks, Beer and Spirits


Resins, Organic Chemicals

Oil & Gas

Lube Oil, Glycols, Amines, Condensate, etc


Manufacture on precision winding to a diagonal, interlocking weave on a continuous wind pattern

‘One-Piece’ construction from 9 ¾” to 40”

Cotton & PP media (FDA Compliance) with different types of cores

Wide variety of end fittings


Provides consistent and superior filtration efficiency

Eliminates by-pass and ease of installation and to remove

Applicable to wide range of process liquid and gases, where chemical compatibility is a concern

Fits more industrial filter housings


Cartridges are individually packed into poly bag. The cartridges are then packed into cardboard cartons

120mm (4.75”), 60 cartridges per carton

254mm (10”), 30 cartridges per carton

All other lengths (20”, 30”, & 40”) comes in 15 cartridges per carton