Our Water Filter Products


  • 100% polypropylene for compatibility with a wide range of process fluid and good chemical resistance.
  • Consistent particle removal efficiency.
  • Coreless filter structure.
  • Gradual porosity design.
  • Rigid depth filter construction.

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Pureflo Super Melt Blown Filter Cartridges

Super Melt Blown Filter manufacturing process combines a superior process control to provide a high degree of fibre thermal bonding, without use of binders to produce a rigid, coreless filter structure.

The all Polypropylene Pureflo Super Melt blown Filter Cartridges are manufactured with a gradual porosity design whereby the fibres at the outer layer of the cartridge is more open but it is gradually bonded tighter towards the inner core of the cartridge. The effect is to retain particles at several level of the cartridge, depending on their size to avoid a premature plugging of the outer surface area by large particles and gels and promote fuller utilization of the depth matrix, resulting in an extended cartridge life against ordinary filter cartridges.

All fibres in this gradual porosity design are polymerized to bond into producing a rigid, self-supporting structure to provide consistent filtration performance under varying pressures while eliminate the need for a center supporting core. The coreless filter structure also make it an ease of disposal via incineration or shredding, without the thought of separately disposing the core.

Pureflo filters are available in ‘one-piece’ construction in various sizes between 250-1016mm and can be supplied to suit both 247mm (9 ¾”) and nominal 250mm (10”) imported cartridge housings. The one-piece construction removes the problem of by-pass which occurs when stacking 250mm long elements into vessels using spacers for sealing between each one. It also dramatically reduces down time and labour costs and in many cases, reduces potential health risks through operators having to lean over vessels that may contain liquid and gases.

Product Specification

Product Code



Inner Diameter

Outer Diameter

Maximum Temperature

Maximum Pressure


100% Polypropylene, melt blown thermal bond fiber



62-63mm / 2.5”


115 psi


100% Polypropylene, melt blown thermal bond fiber



114.3mm / 4.5”


115 psi

Ordering Information


Eg: SMB5-20 SOEP =
Super Meltdown, 5µm, 20”L, 222 PVC O-Ring & Flat Cap



Cartridges Lengths
0.50 0.5µm 9.875 9 ⅞”a
1 1µm 10 10″
5 5µm 20 20″
10 10µm 29.25 29 ¼”
20 20µm 30 30”
25 25µm 40 40″
30 30µm Code X O-Ring Material
50 50µm
75 75µm N Nitrile
100 100µm P PVC
S Silicone
V Viton
End Configurations
Double Open End (DOE)
SOE3 222 O-Ring & Flat Cap
SOE3 226 O-Ring & Spear
SOE8 222 O-Ring & Spear


CMP Slurries, PCB Wafer, Pre-RO, Digital Disc, Semiconductors

Parts Washing, Process Cooling Water, Water Treatment, Plating, De-salination, Pulp & Paper

Food & beverages
Soft Drinks, Beer & Spirits, Bottled Water, Juice, Canning Process

Resins, Organic Chemicals, Fertilizers

Oil & Gas
Glycols, Amines, Water Flood, Completion Fluid, Process Cooling Water


Rigid depth filter construction

Gradual Porosity design

One-Piece’ construction from 9 ¾” to 40”

All Polypropylene media (FDA Compliance)
Consistent particle removal efficiency
Coreless filter structure


Efficient removal of deformable materials

Eliminates unloading at high differential pressure

Utilizes the depth matrix of the cartridge

Higher contaminant holding capacity

Fewer filter change out

Eliminates by-pass and ease of installation and to remove

Applicable to wide range of process liquid and gases application and operating conditions

No adhesives, binders, lubricants and surfactants

Fits most industrial filter housings