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Activated Carbon Filter (ACF) Cartridge

  • Reduce taste/odor/chlorine and certain VOC’s from drinking water
  • Great chlorine removal capacity competitive with the finest activated carbon
  • SOE style design ensures water passes through filter with a longer contact time

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Pureflo ACF cartridges

Pureflo ACF cartridges are constructed from a high purity Coconut Shell activated carbon media. The design of the one directional flow feature ensures that the water is passing through the entire layer of the carbon thus offering superior taste, odour and chlorine reduction in one cartridge. Pureflo ACF is ideal for point-of-use (POU) and Reverse Osmosis applications. These cartridges can be used in a wide range of applications such as residential, food service, commercial and industrial. They are also making an excellent polishing filters or pre-filters in applications requiring fine filtration and high capacity. The Pureflo ACF is great for application where high chlorine reduction is needed.

The SOE style design feature for the Pureflo ACF enables water passes through filter with a longer contact time with comparison to normal ordinary carbon filters. The longer contact time increases the chances of the chlorine and certain VOC’s to be absorbed by the Pureflo ACF. The SOE style design feature also ensures that the cartridge performs to its maximum filtration with zero bypasses.

Product Specification



Filter Media


Outer Diameter

Maximum Pressure


Activated Carbon Filter

Single Open End (SOE)

Activated Coconut Shell Carbon



116 psi

Ordering Information


Eg: ACF-20 =
Activated Carbon Filter ACF, 20”L

Product Code
ACF Activated Carbon Filter 10 10″
20 20″