We are a Malaysian company involved in the manufacturing, trading and research of liquid filter cartridges systems.

We have been in the liquid filtration business for over 20 years and its brand, Pureflo has been marketed in Malaysia in various industries such as Edible Oil Refineries, Chemical, Bio-processed pharmaceuticals, cooling and lubrication fluids, R.O.pre-filtration, film coating, high-purity chemicals for semi-conductor manufacturing.

We export to a number of countries including Australia, Middle East, India, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore. We are looking to expand its export business and welcomes discussions with interested parties. Besides marketing its household brand, Pureflo in Malaysia, we also provide its export business partners to manufacture to their preferred label, carton size and packing.

We strive to understand the needs of our clients and specialize in providing innovative solutions for critical processing needs.

Our headquarters in Banting, Selangor is approximately 15 minutes away from the KL international Airport and has manufacturing and marketing facilities. We also have representative offices in a few locations in Australia and the United Kingdom.

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